Sunday, June 19, 2016

Products Review: Sports Shield and Sports Shield For Her

When I was in the middle of training for NYC I went out for a long run and was chafed HORRIBLY in all sorts of areas. The pain when the water hit the spots when I was in the shower was excruciating. I started to panic a bit because I had many more miles to cover before NYC and my current chafing product was obviously not going to cut it.

Whenever I have an issue, I always turn to Twitter. I follow a bunch of runners and companies who are always willing to get their advice. So, I bitched and complained about my chafing and a rep from Medi-Dyne got in touch with me and offered to sent me a sample of Sports Shield for Her. I agreed, but wasn't expecting much. I got the sample and was amazed. Since I've started using their products, I haven't chafed once. Not during any training, my twenty miler and not during the NYC marathon. My favorite anti chafe product is the Sport Shield towelettes. They will get every nook and cranny and are easy to carry. I usually put it on before I run (duh) and then I put the towelette in my bra and if I have a spot I missed, I just pull it out and fix it right up. I can't recommend them enough. I use Sports Shield for Her pretty much everyday while I'm working and working out. I don't have thin thighs, so I sometimes chafe on normal days. 

Thanks to Sports Shield I was able to train and finish the NYC marathon. Make sure you check out all their anti chafing products and I promise you won't be disappointed! 

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