These are a few of my favorite things


Medi-Dyne Sports Products Use code AJH20 for 20% off 

NYC Marathon 2015 won the lottery

My coach for Manchester City Marathon, Lou Ann at Off To Run

My favorite running store Raleigh Running Outfitters

The Bible of Running Runners World

Ice, ice, ice Very important

This is essential to prevent chafing 2Toms SportsShield

Cytomax chews are perfect for training. Taste great, no GI issues.

Promised Land Chocolate Milk is my recovery drink after every run

Trainer Aurora Davis  Got my ass in gear!

Resistance bands A new addition to my workouts

TRX Another new addition to my workouts that I LOVE!


GPS running watch Garmin

My favorite yoga mat is from CopyCat Yoga Mat

I always need extra help in yoga Yoga blocks

This is important if you are inflexible in yoga, like me Yoga strap

Running shoes/sneakers New Balance , Saucony and Brooks

Compression calve sleeves are the best Zensah

Shwings- Make Old Shoes New. Make New Shoes Fly.

TigerLady-Give her the gift of safety, give her a TigerLady! Use code: HAUGHTIGER for 20% off


My favorite restaurant in Raleigh The Hibernian 

Great pizza in Raleigh Mellow Mushroom

Favorite Italian place  in Raleigh Piccola

My favorite restaurant in Manchester The Backroom

Love Chinese here in Manchester The Aloha


Run, Momma, Run, Run!: Manchester Half Marathon edition 

Runs for Cookies 

From Fat To Finish Line

Putt- Putt Runner

Ryan and Jess and Stuff

Running Escapades 

Julie's World 

Make Up (Cruelty Free) 

Front Row Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics 


StoryBook Cosmetics